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NDEr Dr. Rajiv Parti in Santa Barbara.
October 9, 2013

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Comment by Norman Van Rooy on October 18, 2013 at 2:59pm
Thank you Barb for uploading this video from YouTube. It was a great inspiration to me. I thought it was interesting that Rajiv was met by two archangels and not by any hindu gods. Goes to show that not all ndes follow cultural upringing. There is no easy formula. That is why I enjoy the study of these.
Comment by Norman Van Rooy on October 18, 2013 at 5:10pm
Sandy, I tried my darndest to delete the message below, but it wouldn't cooperate. I wanted to apologize for calling you Barb. For some reason I get your name mixed up in my head. So I will make a better effort to get it right in the future. None the less, I appreciate you for uploading this video.
Comment by Don O'Conner on October 19, 2013 at 2:30am

People use whatever symbols mean something to them. That's why sometimes people that are atheists, say they saw <insert religious name> and yet they profess not to have believed in anything religious. The key is that they had heard of it before, chances are raised in it, so it went into their memory, and they tried to lay down a new belief system based on something else. Belief and cultural upbringing isn't the only ingredient in what appears. What appears is more often than not a stronger thought about that thing.  If something grabs our attention, then that becomes a strong memory, especially if there is an emotional feeling at the same time.


Comment by Don O'Conner on October 19, 2013 at 2:37am

To add to that, during one of my trips home, there was a conference and I was aware of two beings that stood out more than the rest, one dressed in a plain brown robe, reminiscent of what monks wear, and a bright beautiful female appearing being. They were the spokespersons for my choices.

The above is what my mind made of the experience. In truth there was no conference, no host of beings, no two spokespersons. For I was shown later that experience as my higher self looked at it. But the only way to talk about that experience is to use the minds symbols. That is what we do while playing human.


Comment by John Cox on October 19, 2013 at 8:00am


I like your last two comments very much.

While in deep meditation trance, I've "met" many beings.  I think what you've written goes for meditation journeys as well as OBEs and NDEs.  One stands out very distinctly. 

I was "meeting" my seven selves.  (I had to have told myself that I was seven selves.)  One was a woman, and that shocked me so much that I "woke" up.  Actually what I did was open my eyes for a brief second to "ground" myself because of the impact of this woman-self.  I "returned" and dealt with her just as I did the other six.

Comment by Sandy B. on October 19, 2013 at 1:17pm

That's alright, Norman.  I'm glad that you appreciated Rajiv's presentation.  His experience is relatively new and he says that he's still trying to integrate it.  He's stated that his wife wonders why he did not meet any Hindu representatives.  Rajiv just wants to share what happened, and like Rajiv, I don't have answers other than it just IS what it IS.   I cannot say that what we experience has any connection to our belief beforehand.  I can't say one way or the other.  It just IS what it IS.

Comment by Simon Limbrick on October 20, 2013 at 10:11am

I watched this video of Dr Parti two days ago and thought it most interesting.  I made many notes so I could write to Dr Parti with my comments and questions.  When I sent him my response,I had mislaid my note book and could only remember half the things I had to say!

One thing I have always wondered about these experiences, especially when people relate just how life changing it was, is how to compare it to my own experience - especially when it was not an nde.  On my own page, entitled 'July 25th 1979', I relate that experience after giving a back ground of my own life.  For two weeks after that very special experience, I felt the comforting warmth of not being spiritually alone and, moreover, of being totally loved and accepted for who I am, no matter what had transpired in my life.  I explain how, after the second night on Tenerife, that feeling disappeared during the ensuing 48 hours after. Despite being told many times and in many ways, that it is my own guilt/shame that has put a gulf between me and The Creator, I still feel spritually bereft of that all encompassing love.  

The shame of that day has caused a seperation which exists today and reading about all these brilliant experiences puts how I have behaved on that night further into that quagmire of guilt and is reminiscent of those hellish nde experiences - is that something that awaits me, I wonder?  

So I have to ask again if my own experience has actually changed me?  Am I the only one who feels as I do?  I'm throwing that open to whoever.


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