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At 3:15pm on June 1, 2012, Simon Limbrick said…

Sorry Steve: RTA as in 'Road Traffic Accident'.  I'll look up your experiences in the personal NDE stories section. Likewise, you can read about mine on my homepage, if you already haven't.


At 9:46am on March 3, 2012, Annie Palmer said…

"The complete Idiot's Guide to NDE" talks about 4 types. The first is what you experienced, and I mixed this up with another one, which was involving fear. I should know better that jump right into a conversation when I have other things happening! I went to court for a disability, I wasn't thinking clearly. I'm repeating my earlier comment below I made yesterday at 4. 

Initial Experience (sometimes referred to as the "non-experience"). Involves elements such as a loving nothingness, the living dark, a friendly voice, a brief out-of-body-experience, or a manifestation of some type. Usually experienced by those who seem to need the least amount of evidence for proof of survival, or who need the least amount of shakeup in their lives at that point in time. Often, this becomes a "seed" experience or an introduction to other ways of perceiving and recognizing reality. 76 percent with child experiences, and 20 percent with adult experiences.  

At 4:02pm on March 2, 2012, Annie Palmer said…

Steve, it's good to hear of your loving family, and please accept my apologies for even a hint there could be something different while you grew up. We are attracted to like kind in NDE's, and when the physical body ceases. When you and your brother had the same experience, it appeared there was some mutual reason why you both experienced the same. My book explaining in more details with NDE's isn't handy, but I will get it and post what it says about that version of a NDE.  

At 2:23pm on February 28, 2012, Simon Limbrick said…

Hello again Steve.  As I said, there seemed to be connection difficulties between us.  I am very interested to hear about your nde and details of your rta, if that's ok with you?  You can look me up on the members page and compare notes with my experiences if you wish.  I believe I can be of great help to you; I know where you're coming from.

At 4:13pm on February 25, 2012, John Cox said…

Hi Steve,

I'm glad that you are here among us in this present moment through The Network. 

I think that you have as much or more to teach than, perhaps, you do to learn here.  And, for sure, you'll find many lesson plans and learning here, for sure.  I just hope that you will post your own lesson plans here so that the rest of us can learn from you, from your experiences, and from your interpretations of those experiences. 

Buddhism and Buddha-like-meditations and meditators say that the purpose in living is to detach from the physical world and enter into the Nothingness that leads to Nirvana.  Nothing, in my opinion, is also or leads to Something or Everything.  In other words, there are those who say that Nothing and Nothingness are illusions, that "below" the Nothingness is Everything-ness. 

If or when you might be "ready," you might want to Google "Nothingness Meditation."  Here's a link that takes you to a positive article that might be of help:  http://ivanrados.com/2009/05/05/meditation-on-nothing/

Positive thoughts and regards,


At 11:21pm on February 24, 2012, David Sunfellow said…

Hi Steve. Welcome! Sounds like you've really been through a lot -- and that you are still going through some challenges. I'm glad you found us. If you would like to share more about your NDE, everyone here would be very interested. We are a caring, open-minded bunch, so you are among friends. Here's where to go if you would like to post more details about your experience. We also have a section up on the network just for distressing experiences. That forum is located here

Concerning this network, there is a lot going on here. Along with surfing around and seeing who and what is here, here are three ways you stay on top of what's happening:

1. Checking the Activity Feed on the top left-hand side of our home page(click the "More..." link at the bottom of the feed to scroll back for past for activities)

2. Subscribe to our news feed which sends a daily update whenever new content is added.

3. Check out our Network Updates page.

Glad to have you with us!

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