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At 6:00pm on March 15, 2012, susan said…

thank you so much for your welcoming words.  I am going to try my best to figure out how this site works.  It may take me a little while. 

I was trying to make a post that would thank others for their welcoming, but could not seem to figure that out quite yet. 

 I have always been a seeker (since my early 20's) and I was working so hard on myself these past 6 years.  I know there is something huge happening here, and now. These past 5 months have made me wake up, and I try my best to open up to my pain and suffering to find the gift that is there for me to receive through these tragic experiences..  I just said to a friend only last week....  "if i actually told strangers all that has happened in the past 5 months, they would think i was an attention seeking, good story teller, and that it is all made up"..  but here I am sharing all this with strangers. 

I have been living with my sister and her partner (wife) of 6 years, since my son's passing.  They were helping to hold me together.....It was 2 days before i left for a vacation (which i had such a feeling I should not go), that i was told that i no longer have a rental chair at the salon where I work.. (i am self-employed)..  I was so very distressed to get this news that I would be out of a job, and did not wish to go on this vacation....but my sister insisted i still go on this vacation, to get some sun and warmth and just get away..  I was not on vacation 5 days, when i received an email that my sister's partner, hung herself in our laundry room...my sister found her in the morning.  I cannot even explain in words what I felt like, experienced inside, or even how I manage to keep my sanity when getting this news.  I guess if not for my spiritual belief that all of this is happening for a much bigger reason, that I would just give up. In truth, I have felt on many occasions since Oct 17th that I was losing my mind, and just giving up again, and again...  but something just keeps driving me forward.  There are moments when I get so frustrated, and wish to know what it is that I am suppose to be learning from these experiences...  how can one not?  At present, I am trying hard  to live, and feel the human experience of this pain and suffering.     

If it were not for experiencing my son's presence, touch, signs that he sends me frequently, I think I would crawl into such a deep hole, and I know he would not wish for me to do that. 

Hearing and reading the videos and posts on this site, is comforting for me, and I thank each and everyone for sharing their stories.  Thank you for taking the time to read mine. 



At 3:35pm on March 2, 2012, Steve Medrano said…


I have a different interpretation of why I experienced what I did. I think that I was shown what I needed to be shown, nothing more. My brother didn't tell me about his experience until after I relayed mine to him, but both of us were in the same place at first and when I stayed resolute that's when it changed. I had a wonderful, loving family growing up and most certainly knew that people cared about me.


At 9:04am on March 1, 2012, John Cox said…

Dear Annie,

I've just now finished reading your NDE narrative.  I liked what you have to say (write) about your experiences.  We-physical-earth-dwellers need evolutionary and revolutionary messages like yours.  Thanks so much for doing and being your part as a change-agent in a world that very much needs changing. 

Do you have any thoughts or understanding as to why, when NDErs return to the physical world, that things taught in the spirit world are forgotten?  Also, why we remember everything in spiritual life between incarnations but then forget it all when we are re-incarnated? 

Have you already shared about your return to your physical body and to the physical world?  I'm curious as to what happened regarding the auto accident and your final exam in anatomy and your completing your chiro learning and beginning your practice. 

Sincerely,  John

P. S.  I tried your link: NEUROTRANSMITTER SYNAPSEhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90cj4NX87Yk.  It said it isn't available.

At 2:00am on February 29, 2012, Robert Perry said…

Annie, I'm sorry for the long delay in responding, but I really appreciated what you said (thanking me for the video research). Adding NDE videos to this site has been really important to me, so it's great to something like what you said. (BTW, have you considered putting your NDE on video?) Thanks again. It meant a lot to me to get your  message.

At 12:26pm on January 28, 2012, Dina said…



  That is very interesting Annie.  What you explain about the physical brain and

your experience in heaven. It is very sad to see Sathyavrath in such a situation.

But I believe that if he is here is because he needs our help. He is actually

asking us to help him. And to do that , is already a step ahead on his way to

peace and love.

At 8:57pm on November 27, 2011, Judy said…

Thank you for inviting me to be your friend Annie, I just posted in profile my NDE and my ex husbands.  

At 8:16pm on November 27, 2011, Judy said…

Thank you Annie for kind words, I read your blog about your NDE and was amazed. Thank you for sharing it, I have realized I did not share mine.  

At 11:28pm on November 19, 2011, David Sunfellow said…

Hi Annie. Welcome! Including you, we now have 70 folks on this network who have had NDEs. So you should feel right at home. If you would like to share yours (and I hope you will), here's where you can post it.

There is quite a lot going on this network. Along with just surfing around and seeing what's here, here are three ways you can stay on top of things:

1. Checking the Activity Feed on the top left-hand side of our home page (click the "More..." link at the bottom of the feed to scroll back for past for activities) 

2. Subscribe to our news feed which sends a daily update whenever new content is added.

3. Check out our Network Updates page.

I look forward to getting to know you. Glad to have you with us!

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