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At 8:43am on March 22, 2012, Christopher Ryan Camp said…

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss Susan. I hope this page and the people here help bring you comfort. My prayers are with you!

At 5:31am on March 16, 2012, Barbara Whitfield said…

Dear Susan,

Years ago, we had a support group for people who had NDEs in Palm Beach Florida. At one meeting twin boys about 19 years old came with their mom. They talked about how the boys had been in a bad auto accident, and if I remember correctly, the car had gone into a canal and sunk. When they were pulled from the car, both boys were in comas, one very badly hurt and the other, barely hurt. They remained in comas for about 2 weeks. The one who was barely hurt told me that they were both in the tunnel and he knew that if he came back his brother would leave so he stayed. The mother told me she knew that was going on too. It was extraordinary.  They never came back to our group. They just wanted us to know it was possible.

I've interviewed lots of people who have come close to death for research and the way I was taught -- was to casually ask it they remember anything while they were "asleep." (this just happened with my brother too, who had a stroke) and if they start to tell me about a "dream" or some visual -- they we ask, how did it look. Many times they will start pointing below them and they we ask, where were YOU when you saw this? That's when it will hit them that they were out of their body looking down.

My brother says he was on an island in Canada (he has a cousin living in Canada and had no way of knowing that his cousin was near-death and then died during the time my brother was in the coma). He said his cousin was with him and there was a lighthouse with a wonderful light on the island with them. The Coast Guard (my brother was in the National Guard for 30 years) came and rescued my brother but didn't take his cousin. Now, my brother is distraught because he heard that his cousin died. All the symbolism leads to a near-death experience but it has taken him almost a year to disclose it, and just to me. Plus he has some really uncomfortable feelings around the idea that he got off the island and his cousin didn't.

So, as I'm sure you know, this is really a delicate thing to talk about with your grand daughter. Let's all pray that when she is ready, she will tell you, or someone about her memories. In fact, I think prayer is the way to go here. What are your grand children's names and let's all pray for them.

At 8:56pm on March 15, 2012, Annie Palmer said…

Yeah, sometime's this is confusing how to directly respond to messages! hard for us who have had the privilege experiencing a coma during their NDE :D

Wow, I'm shocked with your sister's partner's actions. my condolences for you and your sister. I've heard from great sources that there are many who don't understand the energies we are involved in. It takes a lot of being open with concepts that we knew about this before we entered into the physical to balance duality. One of which, is deceptions through politics and religion. Many don't want to hear this, but there's been a group controlling the public for 100's of years in both groups. 

Susan, for all the latest with the big event you're feeling, I'd recommend http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/First_Contact/Channeled_Messages_by_Mike_Quinsey.htm

and also Matthewbooks.com, messages tab on the right. I know Suzy Ward, Matthew's mother who lives in SW Washington too. I don't get the chance to see her much anymore, she's a very  busy, beautiful soul. The first book, Matthew, Tell Me Of Heaven, is exactly how I saw Heaven, buildings and I recommend it. 

You mentioned something huge is happening. We are ascending out of the limitations in 3rd density, and into the 4th. Our transition will also include opening up to a substantial freedom for all, which includes finances, energy, personal (Unconditional Loving) power, ability to travel anywhere one desires, and much more along the spiritual paths. Along with this transition, we will also find out the many secrets governments have held back on. One, is enlightened ET's, their crafts, that they gave us much information with free energy, and a lot more. 

The message Matthew gave March 1, 2012 supports the message from SaLuSa on March 2nd. They are both highly recommended and clear.  


December 31, 2007
Matthew's "Essay on 2012," Chapter "2012"...

Welcome again to a great supporting group. :)

At 9:48am on March 15, 2012, Annie Palmer said…

Welcome Susan! I too am sad to hear of your son's passing, and my condolences to you and your close family. Your openness to reach out for answers beyond the normal, and is exceedingly worthy for you to speak directly with your connection with Source's Light. 

Instantly, I thought of your 8 year old granddaughter. When your son held her hand, it was to comfort her and everyone else, something like giving a phone call, or a card that says "I'll be okay, and I also know everyone will be fine too. This was just a passing (phase with our growth) with a very limited time in between our seeing each other, and know through this strength of Love, we will balance our Earth commitment we made with each other. There is more to our union than just the physical."

As her experience blossoms, nurturing her truth on another level of communication will support her. That communication involves feeling and expressing the purest Light void of any contradicting thoughts. Without any minimal doubting thoughts and feelings, know she's right. Also, know her young physical body does not match the grandness of her soul. Your son is in total bliss. He knows only abundantly supporting Light and nothing else. He also sees beyond any cloud covering the Loving power within Light and still has a connection with his daughter. She's a key link with the Love he knows. Some feel the overwhelming Love connection is on another level (of conception or understanding) can be intimidating. As she takes her time sorting through her Reality being connected to the overwhelming Love, her strength will come from within herself, through Light and nothing else. Their energy still connects and is available, especially when she's at rest. 

I was involved in a NDE when I attended chiropractic college (I visited a University in Heaven/Nirvana). Returning to chiropractic college was difficult. I was in a coma for a week, traction for 6 weeks, the few that didn't believe me tried to convince me it wasn't real. It was just a dream. One even went as far to persuade others I was a fraud. So ended my self esteem (along with a bad marriage following graduation) with the grand experience. The experience thought college, is my motivation for encouraging support with your granddaughter. She knows his bliss by wishing her father to have fun in Heaven. 

Your connection with your son is also involved when you're "out of your analytical mind," and embrace only Light, and nothing else. I have more information with connecting beyond the 3rd density on my profile. Please feel free to check into the mechanism that allows us to intuitively connect with refined densities. We will all soon be able to move past the boundaries setting us "separate" from each other on all levels.

I don't think it'll take years to for your granddaughter to develop (and everyone's) connections, because our world is changing in front of us now into loving world. We will soon be free from fear, war, greed, selfishness, and know only Light and love, and that we are powerful beings. Way beyond what's been suggested. 

At 12:19am on March 15, 2012, David Sunfellow said…

Hi Susan. Welcome! I'm very sorry to hear of your son's passing, especially with a young wife and three small children left behind. I applaud you for searching for deeper understanding by exploring the world of near-death experiences and hope you find some comfort here. Along with many great NDE resources, including one of the best collections of first-person NDE videos on the net, we also have many wonderful people, including over 80 who have personally had NDEs. So you are among friends here. 

Concerning this network, there is a lot going on here. Along with surfing around and seeing who and what is here, here are three ways you stay on top of what's happening:

1. Checking the Activity Feed on the top left-hand side of our home page(click the "More..." link at the bottom of the feed to scroll back for past for activities)

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Glad to have you with us!

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