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Hello Everyone!

Here's a quick update on last night's NHNE NDE presentation which took place at the Sedona Public Library in Sedona, Arizona.

About 60 people showed up for the presentation. While I had trouble getting my KeyNote presentation to advance properly (and also made a few other beginner mistakes), we received a lot of positive feedback from those who attended. As planned, the presentation was filmed, but I will probably wait until I can present it again before posting it online. I will be able to do a much better job the next time I do it. The lighting and setting was also not ideal for filming. In the meantime, all the handouts from the presentation are now available online on NHNE NDE (I've also included links below). They include a comprehensive list of NHNE NDE articles, websites, social networks, and recommended books and online resources; excerpts from Dr. Jeffrey Long's book, "Evidence of the Afterlife", which is what much of my presentation was based on; and my personal "NDE Take-Aways" from the 37 years that I have been tracking this topic. 12 people indicated that they would like to attend the followup classes. Finally, here are a couple comments we received from the folks who attended:

"It was a fantastic two-hour presentation. I had an NDE about 40 year ago... Thank you for making me feel real and helping me grow more and find the meaning of what happened to me. You are like a messenger, showing the way of love."

That was a nice one! And here's one from a friend who has a lifelong background in marketing:

"Well done, entertaining, informative, very professional."

That's the scoop. I'll let you know when and if this presentation takes place again -- and also know when it is available online!

-- David Sunfellow

NHNE NDE Resources (pdf) 2 pages
Evidence of the Afterlife (pdf) 3 pages
NDE Take-Aways by David Sunfellow (pdf) 1 page

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Comment by David Sunfellow on January 28, 2012 at 10:46pm

Thanks, Jeremiah!

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