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The "Obligation" when we return from a Life Review

Just having read David Sunfellow's brilliant discussion on The Light and the Life Review, the only thing I would add from own Life Review that I had 38 years ago is that there is a sense of inner obligation we come back with. At least I came back with IT. 

I didn't "see" a Light in my Life Review. "IT" (God) permeated me, became ONE with me and allowed me to see and feel through It's eyes and It's heart. Together we re experienced my life with all it's ups and downs -- mainly downs. And I kept hearing my self saying "No wonder! No wonder!" I understood that to mean "No wonder you are the way you are. Look what was done to you as a child!"

I had been physically, mentally and emotionally abused -- and neglected. The Life Review showed me my parents from their wounding and I could instantly forgive them. However, that didn't let all of my neurotic behaviors off the hook. I now had the inside information on the work that I needed to do to not wind up like my parents -- and even more intense and important -- how to not do to my children what was done to me.

My first book Full Circle is a running commentary on all the synchronicities that guided me after. Of course, first I had to let go of all the control I had going on and trust this Invisible Force that was just waiting for me to let go into the stream of Life with a capital L. 

I look back on my life now (my own continuing Life Review) and I am again so grateful for this Force guiding me. And included in the original Life Review and this guiding Force is a knowledge that I need to look at every relationship, in fact, every word that I share as a privilege that will again be what God would want me to be. In other words, sharing the Light of Wisdom. Of course, I also know from this benevolent Energy that I am only human and may mess up -- but with that messing up comes lessons on the heels of the mess up until I get it straight.

Underneath all this I do know that Love and the action of Love is all I have to do. And when I operate from this internal Guide of "Love is the Answer to everything" life is easy. When my "old wounded Ego" jumps in and does a good imitation of the Real Me -- I start getting knocked around again. So I feel an obligation to myself and the Being that Merged and Revealed Itself to me many many years ago to be vigilant for Its actions in my life.

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Comment by David Sunfellow on September 23, 2013 at 1:40pm

Beautiful post, Barbara. Thanks for sharing this!

Living a guided life, feeling the unconditional love of God, and knowing that we all have responsibilities to clean ourselves up as best we can are extremely important touchstones. I have to say I have always loved the words you heard yourself repeating too: "No wonder. No wonder. No wonder." These should be inscribed on a statue somewhere. We all seem to be so quick to judge ourselves, or others, conveniently forgetting that powerful forces have shaped us into the human beings we are.

And yes, I have to laugh about this, although it is painful as much as it is funny, that while God loves us unconditionally, and while there are reasons why we are the way we are, we still have to do the work of transforming our human selves, complete with whatever dysfunctions we have, into divine ones. One of my all-time favorite movies is "Groundhog Day", which does, I think, a fantastic job laying out the journey most of us are on...   

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