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NHNE NDE Members Who Report NDEs & Other Spiritually Transformative Experiences

Many of the members of our network report having spiritually transformative experiences. In order to help them find others who have had similar spiritual experiences, we've created five categories of spiritual experiences and then listed members accordingly. Some members appear in more than one category because they have had more than one kind of experience. For our purposes "clinical death" is defined as "situations where blood circulation and breathing have stopped and there is no measurable brain activity".

If you have any additions or corrections to make to this list, please contact Sandy B.



1. Near-Death Experiences (NDE)

People who have clinically died who report having an out-of-body experience, tunnel experience, feelings of peace, encountering beings of light, encountering deceased family and friends, a life review, and/or a personal transformation of some kind after they return.

2. Near-Death-Like Experiences (NDLE)

People who have NOT clinically died who report having out-of-body experience, tunnel experience, feelings of peace, encountering beings of light, encountering deceased family and friends, a life review, and/or a personal transformation of some kind after they return.

3. Distressing Near-Death or Distressing Near-Death-Like Experiences (DNDE)

People who have -- and who have not -- clinically died who report having distressing or hellish spiritual experiences.

4. Shared Death Experiences (SDE)

Spiritual experiences that are triggered by being in the presence of a person who is dying. These experiences can include classic near-death experiences, as well as other kinds of experiences, such as rooms becoming translucent and altering shape. 

5. All other kinds of Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STE)


Members are listed according to when they joined this network. The earliest members of our network are listed first.

This list was last updated on April 21, 2014.

Acronyms: NDE (near-death experience); NDLE (near-death-like experience); DNDE (distressing near-death experience); STE (spiritually transformative experience); SDE (shared-death experience); OBE (out-of-body experience); ADC (after-death communication); DBV (deathbed vision); PLE (past life experience)


1. Near-Death Experiences (NDE) = 152 Members

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Bob Manrodt

Nancy Tuley McGinty

Martha St.Claire, M.A.

Lilly Calandrello  (3 NDEs)

Beverly Brodsky

Patricia Kay

patti taylor 


Barbara Whitfield

Marie Rhodes

Yolaine M. Stout

la vina lopez

Lion Goodman

deirdre dewitt maltby

Ann Frances Ellis

Michael O'Daniel

D.S. Weiler


Susan Whalen

Raymond Kinman

Jasha Salter

benefit humanity

Susan Onizuka


Steve Medrano

Roma Turner


mary kassen

h.p. nichols

Tom Matheson

Lee P

Bob Waxman

Journey Home

Kim Justus

Dottie Clark

lou famoso

Isabelle De Bulle

Nurture Your Soul

Ellyn Dye

Diane Goble

Miette Addams


Ellie Rose Charlwood

Kathy Baker

Gypsi Moon - (2NDEs)

Tina Crichfield 

Rita Aistrope

David Wayne Dallas-Midgley

Carl G

Gary L. Wimmer


William C. Schnoor Jr.

Steve Nicholls

Carly b


Brian Michel Talgo

L. Suzanne Gordon, Ph.D.


Donald Adams

paul engle

ian mattinson


Kathleen Awad

Keith J.

scott arthur zurr

Rajiv Parti MD

Krista Gorman

Benjamin Walker

John Gibson

Don O'Conner - 3 NDEs

Lee Lawrence

Sue Hager-Locke

Dr Rajiv Sinha

David Brooks


Deb Trochim


Bev Sizemore (2 NDEs, 1 frightening DNDE)

Nicole L. Hulbert

Rob Wood

Joseph Aruna Lank

DAN (from overdose)

Leroy Kattein (heart attack)

Fredrick Swan

eugene braxton

Sandra Del Castillo

Truth Me Free

Ashley Joy Pratt, Ph.D.

Joseph Kellner

Ariela Solsol


Susan Helene - 3 NDEs

Tristin Joy - 2 NDEs, one from carbon monoxide poisoning

dazie - automobile accident

Mitch - suffocated

Mary Beth Cameron - placental abruption

John Mathis - organ failure

Robert tremblay

Emma Andersen

Christopher Russell - cancer, met Jesus, also had OBEs

Chad K


2. Near-Death-Like Experiences (NDLE) = 24 Members

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John Andreadis

Jeanne Cashin

Jane Piper - Also had an NDE

Lupita Kirklin - Also had an NDE

Mary Deioma

nina uccello


Simon Limbrick

Sandy B.

Light Blb

Mary S Newton

Christina McVie

Jessamy Goddard - Not enough information to tell if this was an OBE or NDLE

Stephen Beer

Alexandra Sol Is


Steve Nicholls 


Heidi Hollis-Author

melody geyer

Lisa Walsh

amphianda baskett

Psychic Medium Anthony Joseph



3. Distressing Near-Death or Near-Death-Like Experiences (DNDE) = 3 Members

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Rajiv Parti MD

Bev Sizemore

Thomas Rockholt


4. Shared Death Experiences (SDE) = 6 Members

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Graham Maxey

amy cavanaugh

Beth Loftin

Sandra Marquez

corinne insley ireland 

John Mathis


5. All other kinds of Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STE) = 133 Members

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Joseph Dillard - Visions

patti taylor - Kundalini experience, OBE, distressing life review, other STE

Alexandra Fraser (Did not specify what type of STE experience)

Marie Rhodes - OBE, Also had NDE

Cynthia - OBE

Andrew Marks (Not enough information -- maybe an NDE)

Raúl daSilva - Other STE

tanya Wyldflower - OBE

Robin Lench - OBE

Richard J Hughson - Other STE

Nan Allen Britt - Other STE

Robert Hamilton - Kundalini experience

Michael Black, Ph.D. - Other STE

João Carlos Basilio Lourenço - Other STE

Christopher LeBlanc - Other STE

Sandy B. - Also had NDLE, OBE, Visions, Pre-Birth memories, Awakening, God/Light/Holy Spirit, Mystical, Other STEs

deana Higgins - 3 OBEs

Lance William Beem - After Death Communication

kathleen abell - Psychic Premonition, Other STE

Wenona Matthews - Visions, Other STE

submarelime.maryann - Visions

Marie Cook - OBE

Dan Stelling - After Death Communication

sreekumar - Other STE

Walt Zabel - Other STE

Susan Lindsay - Visions, Other STE

Elizabeth Flynn - Paranormal

starlight.294 - Other STE

Margaret - Psychic Premonition, Other STE

michelle hall - OBE

Terry Kelly - After Death Communication

Robin Barr - After Death Communication, Other STE

Sharrhan Williamson - Other STE

Guardian - OBE

Justin Morgan - OBE

zena ann yabsley - Other STE

Jessamy Goddard - (Maybe NDLE)  OBE, Other STE

Evamarie Fatello-Urban - Visions

Leanna Palermo - After Death Communication, Other STE


Christopher Ryan Camp - OBE, Visions, After Death Communication, Other STE

John Cox - After Death Communication, Other STE

Kathryn - OBE

richard cayer - Visions

Gerry Hofstra - Other STE

Doug Campbell - Other STE

spencer allen - OBE

patty vazquez - After Death Communication 

Deborah L Chopra - OBE

Patrick Cooke - Other STE

Terry McManus - Other STE

sagenueve - (Also NDE) Past Life Experience

Michael Jarvis  - Astral Projection

Leah Smith - OBEs & STEs

Sage Osho - OBE

lee lee - visions

john jacob nelson - 2 STEs

Tinna Newman - Visions

Debby Burkhart - tunnel experience during surgery

Gail Freeman-Szal - ADC (occasional), intuitive

Jonathan Buizer - found himself in or "as" the Light

Gustavo Aponte - ADC, experienced the Void, distressing experience


Yvonne Ross - OBE, during 2 surgeries for Leukemia

Linda Johnson - ADC, dreamt of daughters before they were born

Sondra Rowland

Deborah Meyer - OBE

Sonya Johnson -  communicates with those who have crossed over

Diane Welker - ADC

Kathy Tripino

Myles O'Blarney - Angel visitation

Norman Van Rooy - Visions

Annamaria Hemingway - OBE

Jennifer Kelmar

ivan rudolph - Senses and spiritually hears deceased

John M. George - Spiritually see and spiritually hear deceased

Cathi Close - Spiritual experience with God during prayer

Kathleen Anne Maionchi - Felt like OBE and very awake state of mind

Lynne Elizabeth Brownridge - Heard a "voice" of reassurance during an accident

Geri Klughart - OBEs

Heather Dominguez - OBE

François Goyette - vivid dreams

Lee Mustoe - opened consciousness during drug use

Shelly Bryant - OBE

Julie Mendez - Sees angels and demons

Charlie Spillar - OBE

Arnold Frank Van Wie - during meditation

Judy Heimann - communicates with those who have passed on and angels

Ashley - apparitions 

Joe Kazantzakis


Donna Wynn - After Death Communication (ADC)

rodney johnson - OBE, visions

Marianne Brown - ADC

Paul Stein

J. Hunter Cardwell - OBE

Diane Arrington - saw demons once

Maie Liiv - Distressing OBE

Patricia Lehmann - OBEs

Kikouyou - OBE during relaxation/meditation

Terry Anderson - Sensed Divine Presence

David Leskowitz - OBE, visions

Sandra Marchetti - OBE

Maz Nettleton

Anita Hettema - ADC

Robert James Lyle Smith - ADC

Kerrie Stewart - saw an angel

Claudette Stenson - OBE while meditating

john browne - OBE

Ken Kaplan - visions

ET - Other STEs


Dana Romano

Celestina Giblin - OBE

Robyne - visited by angel

Kalila Smith - ADC

Thomas Spitzer

Chris Ness  - OBE

tahera nolan

Lynette Setzkorn-Cly - two experiences with God / Jesus / Source speaking to me in one instance, hugging me in another

Amber Lisa - OBE, Prebirth memories, ADC

Elaine Clayton - OBE, Visions, Prebirth memories

Wietske Medema - Experiences of the Light through meditation

Kjetil Rangfjell - Vision of colorful realm

Merry Hoppes - Vision of angels

Kev Milsom - OBE, other

Oscar Senn - Mystical Satori

nick morris - Premonitions, telepathy, OBE

Phil Solesky - 2 OBEs

Paul Sowards - religious/spiritual experiences

karen wolfe - OBE and Astral Projections

Karen - OBE

Micki Chaney/Bade - ADC


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Comment by ET on October 11, 2013 at 10:19pm

Couldn't figure out what to do to chat.  Any advice? 

Comment by David Sunfellow on June 17, 2012 at 6:25pm

Barbara, thanks for this update. I'm relieved. I'm also continuing to pray for Beth, you, and you/her family. 

Comment by Barbara Whitfield on June 17, 2012 at 6:17pm

Thanks Sandy. And she is getting better. Part of the incision has closed and there's just opening left.

She's gone back to work but says she is very sore and stiff. All the prayers are so appreciated and what has kept me going.

Thank you everyone!

Comment by Sandy B. on June 17, 2012 at 5:40pm

Barbara, wouldn't that be a fun gathering!

I'm still keeping Beth and your family in my thoughts and prayers.



Comment by Barbara Whitfield on June 17, 2012 at 11:16am

Wow! What a list. 

If we were all in the same conference room we would probably blow off the roof!

Comment by Sandy B. on June 16, 2012 at 4:21pm

Thank you Simon.  I hope that this proves to be helpful and beneficial to everyone here. 



Comment by David Sunfellow on June 16, 2012 at 1:58am

Hi Simon. Your entusiasm if contagious -- and much appreciated!

Comment by Simon Limbrick on June 16, 2012 at 12:28am

This is fantastic!  Well done, Sandy.  Now people who have had the same experience know exactly who to talk  to to share/exchange impressions.  This site just keeps getting better and better.

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