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New Survey launched for Childhood STErs (Spiritually Transformative Experiencers)

New Survey launched for Childhood STErs (Spiritually Transformative Experiencers)

It was very clear that the needs of children who have had STEs are distinctive from those of adults.  But in exactly what ways?  They've often been misdiagnosed, misunderstood or mistreated as a result of sharing or behaving in accordance with their STEs.  To get firmer data, we're launching a new survey just for adults who had STEs as children.

If you had an STE as a child, please take this important anonymous and secure survey!  The results will go into our education programs for parents, school psychologists, teachers and for the public at large to support children who've had STEs. The information will also be shared on ACISTE Experiencer Forum and in October at the ACISTE conference in San Mateo, CA.



Survey is now closed. 


American Center for the Integration of

Spiritually Transformative Experiences


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Comment by David Sunfellow on September 23, 2013 at 9:43pm

Thanks for this update, Sandy!

Comment by Sandy B. on September 23, 2013 at 10:48am

Just a few facts from the survey.

The average age range  for the first experience was age 3 to 5.
21.6% recalled their STE later in their lifetime.
52.7% could be considered near-death experiences.
60.8% reported multiple subsequent spiritual experiences throughout their lives.

More results will be presented by Dr. Pamela Kircher at our upcoming conference in Arlington, VA.  This presentation will also be taped.  Complete analysis will be published by ACISTE thereafter.  Watch our main website for more information!

Thanks again, to all respondents,  Drs. Jennifer Elam and Pamela Kircher for their tremendous help with this important  first-of-its-kind survey!

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