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January 2011 Blog Posts (5)

"For Fully Mature Black Holes, Time Stands Still"

Saw this headline on the internet this morning. Since my NDE, like many of us, I'm fascinated with quantum physics and astrophysics.

Anyone who has spent time in the Light (or in deep meditation, or lost in art, or was a child) knows that time is not the same all the time. (LOL) Isn't language a hoot?

Anyway, in the Light, it is as if time stops, or, at least, goes very, VERY, slowly. It is possible to know everything at once. (Which I did during my NDE, but I can't remember…


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A Blessing in a Disabled Girl’s Clothing (long)

A column of indigo, fitting the fullness of her cranium descended. A soft turquoise light shimmered and flashed around her head and a full white halo circled it. I resisted the urge to bow before this magnificent spiritual being. Possibly I didn’t because her mother was sitting across the table from me; not that her mother would have been unreceptive. It’s just that I somehow sensed that it wasn’t entirely appropriate.



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Need Your Feedback... (01/20/11)

Hello Everyone!


I need to get your feedback.


As more and more folks have found us, there has been a desire among some of our members for more real-time interaction -- specifically adding a chat feature to the network so folks can talk to one another in real time.


Is this something you are interested in?


We can do this, but it will…


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My profound NDE

Hello sister and brother experiencers,

I made a decision several years ago to stop telling my NDE. This is after forming a non-profit support and educational group for NDErs and those interested in the NDE, having appeared on news network news, local cable shows, hosting a 2-day seminar on Science and Spirituality, giving countless talks and presentations, and co-leading monthly meetings for over 10 years. I also published a newsletter about NDEs for seven years, and count among my… Continue

Added by Sharon Heller on January 18, 2011 at 9:08pm — 3 Comments

No sound but the wind - Editors (song lyrics)


Added by Erwin VW on January 18, 2011 at 8:16am — 1 Comment

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