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Tell us a little bit about yourself. (Because of spammers trying to sneak into this network, and because we would actually like to get to know you, we require you to write a few sentences about yourself. What kind of work do you do? What kind of interests do you have? How long have you been interested in near-death experiences? Etc.)
NHNE contains a wealth of information about me, my life experiences, and ever-changing beliefs and perspectives. I'm interested in everything having to do with life's big questions: Who are we? Where are we from? Why are we here? Where are we headed? I'm also interested in everything having to do with human beings and human relationships; planet Earth, especially how we can help heal the planet; and learning everything I can from the insights and life experiences of others. While most of my time is spent on NHNE-related projects, to make a living, I work as a professional photographer and multi-media guru. I am the father of four adult children (three daughters and one son). My partner and longtime companion on the spiritual path is Alexandra Fraser.

With respect to NDEs (and related experiences), here are links to some of the websites and networks that I administer:

The Mustard Seed Venture - NewHeavenNewEarth Community Center
How Near-Death Experiences Are Changing The World
The Formula for Creating Heaven on Earth
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Have you ever had a near-death experience (NDE)? If so, please tell us a little bit about it.
Has a friend of family member of yours ever had a near-death experience (NDE), near-death-like experience (NDLE), shared death experience (SDE), or other spiritually transformative experience (STE)? If so, tell us a little bit about that.
Many of my friends have.
Why did you decide to join this network?
In my view, near-death experiences (and other spiritually transformative experiences) have titanic ramifications for both our personal and collective existence. I created this network to serve as a clearing house for the best, most credible, educational, and inspiring stories, videos, books, reports, and related materials. It is also intended to be a place where people who've had NDEs (and related experiences) -- and people who haven't -- can ask questions, and meet others who have a passionate interest in these very important topics.

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How Near-Death Experiences Are Changing The World

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At 2:07pm on September 16, 2014, Lee Thornton said…

Hi David,
Many thanks for your message.  It is indeed awful that so many people have lived long periods in fear of sharing their experiences, but such a relief to hear those days are behind us now and that we are surrounded by people who understand.  It is also reaffirming to know we are among others who are striving to integrate the truths communicated to us by our NDEs.  And I agree when you say that spiritual experiences are a dime a dozen these days but what is significant is trying to become "integrated, sustained, living embodiments of the higher realms."  Yes, bringing Heaven to Earth is what we are here to do.  And what a great challenge that is.

At 7:34am on September 16, 2014, Lee Thornton said…

Hi David, I just wanted to say that it was some 20 years before I shared my NDE and I felt very isolated until I discovered the existence of other NDErs and later IANDS.  It was only after I submitted my NDE to IANDS (only a year ago) and later went to a conference that I started to feel like I was connected to a family.  The discovery of your site has now added to that experience of being interconnected with like-minded people and being part of a community, so I'm grateful to you for this wonderful network.

At 1:38pm on September 15, 2014, Lee Thornton said…

Hi David,  Thanks so much for welcoming me to this wonderful site with all your comments, and I'm looking forward to exploring it all.   I wanted you to know how much I appreciate all your help with the book; it's so kind of you to do all you've done and I'm really grateful.  I've never been on a site like this so I first wanted to make sure this message gets to you and if it does, to comment on what you quoted about my NDE.  Pardon my ignorance, but since I'm new to this, are all our comments shared with other members or is it possible to communicate directly with you?

At 11:33am on September 14, 2014, LinMira said…

Thank you for the lovely note...looking forward to being involved.  This site is absolutely amazing!  Blessings, Miralin

At 6:43am on August 30, 2014, Gregory Russell Cook said…

Thank you for the warm welcome!

At 11:21am on August 29, 2014, Queena Okpeku-DeBoever said…

Thanks so much for the welcome, David Sunfellow!

This site is huge and I'm looking forward to spending more time here this weekend.

At 4:38pm on August 18, 2014, Jenny Savato said…
Thanks :) I get the idea of message board etiquette, and I hear you.
At 4:02pm on August 18, 2014, Sheila said…

I meant with respect to my experience and not with respect to the webiste...just to clarify. I'm really enjoying checking it out. It's awesome.

At 2:45pm on August 18, 2014, Sheila said…

Hi David,

Thanks so much for getting me in touch with this community!

I'm still a bit perplexed by the music and reading directions, but no complaints there :)

I look forward to browsing in the resources section and chatting.


At 7:00pm on August 17, 2014, Lillielite said…

I will read your it as suggested.  I am now watching Nathan Wheeler's videos and the way he describes his experiences with getting "messages" is pretty close to the same thing I have experienced all of my life.  The information they give me is always on point.  Sometimes though it only comes as getting a feeling that something just isn't right.  It took me a long time to learn to pay attention to what I am told.  Actually, at least so far in what I have watched, what he experienced, not just the messages, is really close to my life experiences. 


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