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I SURVIVED... BEYOND AND BACK reveals one of life's greatest mysteries by profiling the extraordinary stories of people who have literally passed on to the other side. The series combines the compelling and emotionally gripping stories of I Survived... with the unexplainable experiences some people have when they are pronounced legally dead. Through first-person accounts and testimony from the medical personnel and family members who were present, I SURVIVED... BEYOND AND BACK will not only explore the survivor's encounter with death, but also the ways in which it has changed their outlook on life forever.


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I'm on episode 4 which is being shown again on the 19th at 11 EST. I guess after that they will put it online.

I didn't get to see it when it was shown last Sunday (I saw the tape my husband made) because I was stranded at O'Hare till late at night in a blizzard. I gave a talk the day before to Chicago IANDS. What a great group of people.

My husband had watched it and when I finally got home he was disappointed, saying they gave too much time to the sensationalistic details of what was killing us and not enough time to the actual NDE and aftereffects. So I watched it and he was right. I was interviewed for four and a half hours last June which gave me a lot of time to imagine how good it could be, only to be confronted with a lot of medical details (some of which didn't happen!) but that's show biz! I do believe though that they found the best thread to follow which brought the viewer to the idea that love is what life is really all about. So I thank them for that. I'd like to hear others opinions too.

Happy Holidays everyone and thank you David for this wonderful website.

You are making the world a lot smaller!

Love, Barbara

Nicola and I watched episode 6 on my computer last night and we loved it. I admit that I would have liked to hear more details from their experience and less details about their physical predicament (though I did want to know the basics of that). They did focus a bit on aftereffects. The fact was, though, that it was riveting TV. Nicola and I really enjoyed it, felt really drawn in, talked about it a lot afterwards. The sheer fact that this is airing on recognized channel, for multiple episodes, is, I think, pretty great.

Thanks Robert and Nicola!

I needed a second opinion

I thought Episode 6 was well done, too, Barbara. I told all my readers about it. I also included Robert's comment, so hopefully at least of few of them will watch it and help spread the word. While I wished the program had spent more time exploring the actual near-death experiences themselves, I really appreciated the fact that the program consisted mostly of people telling their stories. I found that very compelling. Listening to people tell their stories, and being able to listen to the nuances in their voices and watch the expressions on their faces is, I think, transformative. Getting folks to sit down and listen to another human being tell their story affects everyone more deeply. So I applaud the series, along with you and the other NDErs that participated. Nice to see that near-death experiences are finally being taken seriously by mainstream television programs...

Well, I am really glad I brought this up so I could get both of your feedback.

I can't wait to hear what you thought of the episode I was on. It is being repeated this Sunday at 11 EST.

And then I hope they put it on the net.



You can go online to BioChannel.com to the forum section and leave feedback and/or suggestions for the show.  Now that it is appearing in mainstream medias, it would be a shame to see it canceled, when all it may need to garner the audience it deserves is that bit of revamping. So, perhaps some feedback will keep it going.   I also have a bit of concern as to how my story will be aired.as it was 4+ hours of taping for me as well.  The bio channel seems to spend the most time on what was the least of the experience.  Our accidents and illnesses were just the vehicles to get us to our NDEs.   

My show airs on Jan. 9th and even if not as I would possibly want to see it portrayed, I am just so Thankful to have been given the chance to share.  Having been only two years ago since my experience my emotionalism about it all came to the forefront a bit more than I would have liked, but during my experience I was led to know that I would indeed share what was given me. How strange it would unfold in such a way as this, especially since I did not go looking for it. 

Thank you David for making this available on this site and wishes to everyone for a most Wonderful Holiday Season.

Lots of Love


I think that the emotion is good. It shows how much we were affected and how sincere we are. I've become much more emotional about every thing since mine and it's been 35 years.

I'm new to the forum and new to this discussion, but I found the video clips very interesting. I want to learn more about the "dark" experiences because I never saw "The Light' during my own. I didn't experience anything hellish, but I was enveloped by the darkest blackness one could imagine. It was not frightening to me. On the contrary, it was blisfully serene. Almost immediately, I "knew" that it was not my time and that I would be returning to my body and would live on this plane at least until my first granddaughter is "raised."


For a long time, I wondered about not seeing the light and not having a life review. I thought that might mean that I had not lived a good enough life; that I hadn't been kind enough to people or something. It was a relief when I finally understood that I just didn't travel very far on the path to the other side.

Dear Janet,

It could be that you were in the place that the Buddhists call "The Void"  and in their belief system that is their  goal.

I was in the darkness too -- and it was serene.In fact, that is where my grandmother who had been dead for 14 years met me.

When I meditate (every day now) sometimes I have that feeling back and I love it!

When I practice yoga regularly (not frequently enough these days) and incorporate meditation into my relaxation phase, I also get that feeling back sometimes. It's a wonderful place to be.

Beyond and Back has excerpts of our interviews on line that were not on the TV show. They've got me describing my second NDE (a week after the first one while still in the circle bed.) I was disappointed that it didn't make it on the show but at least they have a little of it online. The link is:


Janet, in the December issue of the IANDS Monthly NDE they talked a lot about darkness and the void. I will include it below.


IANDS: Monthly NDE, December 2010

The following is the December 2010 selection for the Monthly Near-Death Experience (NDE), provided as a service to IANDS members. This selection was taken from an account submitted to the IANDS Archives and is provided here anonymously.

This month’s account features a voice, thought to be Jesus, which seems appropriate this time of year when many are commemorating Jesus’ birth upon the earth. In this account, a little girl has a fascinating experience during a high fever. She encounters blackness, although a dot of light and a cloud-like object are visible in the dark; beautiful music; and a voice that she assumes to be Jesus. Her descriptions of the music and the qualities of the voice she hears, as well as of the love she feels, are unusually detailed. When she thinks of how much her mother would enjoy the music, she is devastated to lose the music, the voice, and even the peaceful blackness.

This account features a positive experience in the blackness, as did last month’s. We wish to thank all those who responded to the question posed last month about what the void, or blackness, actually might be. A number of responders shared their experience of the blackness: one of initial panic, one of equanimity, and several of exhilaration. Below are some of the theories received regarding the identity of the void followed by quotations from two positive blackness experiences which were received.

Regarding the identity of the blackness, PMH Atwater noted: “Many consider it to be a light: a dark or black light, velvety, maybe with tinges of purple in it, warm, protective, healing, a wonderful thing,” and she notes that many NDErs never encounter a void or a tunnel. Another correspondent ventures: “I strongly suspect it's an aspect of the unity I perceive at the interface of science and spirituality, where both of these cultural phenomena are differing, biased, versions of one and the same thing.” Another offers: “The Monroe Institute spent years exploring broader consciousness including out-of-body experiences in both physical and nonphysical realms. They describe a level of consciousness, one of many, that exists in a black void.” Another, who does holotropic breathwork, said, “I've sometimes wondered whether the NDE represents the transition from one life to the next, with the void and tunnel representing the birth canal and going into the light representing the entry into the new life.”Others felt it was a “natural occurrence;” “the body or the body's energy field;” “part of the path of our departure from this life to the next life.”

A positive experience in the darkness: “ out through the top of my head at unbelievable speed to this black void space. . . . I was a ball of pulsating white light residing in this comforting, vast, and starless space. He was also a ball of pulsating white light. He directed my attention in the far distance to a brightly lit grid. It was immeasurable in its vastness, situated an enormous distance from us, off into this black void space. I understood that this grid was a physical representation of how reality operates. I saw a multitude of my existences residing in this grid. This is impossible to represent with words.” Another positive experience in the darkness: “My spirit entered a dark void which was breathtakingly blissful. I enjoyed tremendous peace like nothing I had ever experienced in my life! It felt as if I could remain there forever and be content beyond description. In that dark void was also the presence of the LIGHT whose unconditional love was radiating in all directions within the dark void toward me.” The sensation of staying in the void forever can be comforting for those whose experience there is positive, but that same sensation of being there forever is often terrifying to those who find it frightening or empty. Again, thank you to all who responded to this research question that seems, as yet, inadequately resolved in the literature.


When I was seven years old I had German measles. As well as having the “bumps” on my skin, they also developed on the inside of me. I was on the couch in the living room, very ill. My mother took my temperature and couldn’t believe the reading. She took hers—it was normal. She took mine again -- it was 107. This was in 1955.

My mother called the doctor’s home. She called and spoke to his wife. It seems the doctor was at a banquet. She told her what my temperature was and that yes she was sure there was nothing wrong with the thermometer. The doctor’s wife called the doctor at a banquet that he was attending and he left right away and came to our house. I remember him being there and my mother sitting next to me. I closed my eyes to rest and thought maybe I would go to sleep.

Suddenly the darkness behind my eyelids got very black and at the same time I felt a very peaceful, calm sensation. There was a sort of buzzing sound or sensation -- energy of some sort, but very peaceful (kind of hard to explain). Anyway, in the upper left-hand corner of my vision (although I still had my eyes closed) I saw a very bright dot of light. I remember thinking, “What’s that?” It started getting bigger as it moved toward me.

Then from the left came a cloud I guess you would call it. It was white like a cloud but it didn’t move around inside like a cloud does, it was stationary and it moved very purposefully, like someone walking. As the cloud entered, I heard the most gorgeous sound, like millions upon millions of voices singing—no words—just a beautiful interweaving of harmonies, sounds that just can’t be described. I remember hearing a note so high that I thought, “Nobody can sing a note that high.” It was quite awesome.

I felt like I was wrapped in a warm security blanket, very cozy and safe. The love that I felt was inexpressible. Imagine all the love you’ve ever felt foranyone (or everyone) in your life and all the love you’ve ever felt from someone (or everyone) in your life multiplied by about a million. That’s how much love I felt.

Suddenly, from the right and kind of behind me (just out of my vision) a very powerful voice said, “Do you want to come where the music is?” This voice was so powerful that it jolted me. Immediately, I said yes, for I knew that if I ran into that light or white cloud I would see where the music was coming from. But it seemed that someone or something was holding me back by the shoulders. (I never left my body—or if I did I wasn’t aware of it.) When I first heard this voice I started to turn to see who was speaking to me, but I was not allowed to. I realized this instantly.

The voice itself had consistency -- I mean, I not only heard the voice, I felt, almost tasted, it in every cell of my being, as if it was a part of me and I a part of it. Also, it had many tones to it -- I guess I would call it layers. The bottom tone was a deep rumble which seemed powerful enough to move the earth itself and the various tones elevated up to a gentle trickling sound like of a brook or even maybe a gentle breeze. Adelicious sound. Anyway, I said “yes” to the question (and I remember thinking “Hey I’m talking and I can hear my voice like I always do when I talk, but my lips aren’t moving”) and was absolutely ecstatic.

But then I remembered my mother sitting there beside me. If I left she would be so sad and I said to whoever it was (I have always assumed it to be Jesus) “but I want my mom to come and hear the music too.” You see my mother was a singer before I was born, in the big band era, and she loved music and I knew she would love to hear this.

But, as soon as I got that out, it was as though someone turned off a radio. The music, cloud, light, voice, even the peaceful blackness I first experienced were gone. I started to cry. It was the most horribly desolate feeling Ihave ever had. I remember thinking “No, please come back.” Then it was as if someone patted me on the back as if to say, “I’m still here.” And that was it.

My mother never really believed me. She just said she almost lost me. I kind of pushed it out of my mind for years because I really didn’t know what to do with it. But then in about 1984 or 1985 I was sitting at work and that “still small voice” said “I want you to think back and remember that time,” and it all came back in such clarity, and it’s stayed fresh to this day.

I was left with quite a hearing loss in both ears. I wear two hearing aids. The doctors said its nerve loss from the fever. But you know, I wouldn’t trade getting my hearing back for hearing that heavenly music. For anything.



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