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Please exuse my spelling!!

As I stated in my introduction, I had an NDE in early 2010. I had been experiencing kidney problems for about 2 years. I had a genetic disorder that kicked off in 2007 called IGA nephropathy. The doctors were certian that I would have to have a kidney transplant in the coming years, however there were prolonging the use of mine. The main reason for my kidney failure was an extreamely active immune system. My imune system was taking protiens and pushing them through my kidneys and cuasing them to fail. The doctors immediately made me go through a year of Chemo theropy and put me on immune supressent drugs. With my immune system so low, I contracted a severe case of CMV (Cito Megla Virus) and a few other nasty things. I had been feeling bad for roughly a month, running fevers at night of 103 to 105. I could barely function. It was a tuesday at work that I had an overwhelming feeling that I was about to dye. I jumped in my truck and drove to Pensacola's Baptist Hospital. I remember thinking, Im going to be found dead on the side of the road in my truck. I remember getting about half way there, and then waking up 9 days later at UAB medical center in Birmingham Alabama. My body had begun to bleed internally and my kidneys were completely gone. Pensacola could not handle the problem, so the life flighted me there. After about a week there and three surgeries later, they could not stop the bleeding. I remember being back in my room, just out of recovery. I dont know if I was uncounsios or not, but three vascular sergons were in my room and I heard them tell my wife and parents, do not leave, he wont be hear in the morning. I thought in my life that hearing somthing like that would be frightning. However, I never felt more calm and peaceful. I remember thinking, I cant believe that Im going to die in Birmingham, and that I sure wished it would be in Pensacola. I was always a believer in the other side, for people and animals. I had recently put down my 14 year old lab, and missed him dearly. The thought popped in my mind that well, If i go, at least I will get to see him shortly. While the docs were still in the room, I remeber hearing the word code.

The next thing I know, I was sitting on the end of the bed, wondering why everyone was in a panic. I suddenly felt wonderful. It was at that point that I realized they were working on me. That was the first time I ever saw my father cry, and it was from outside my body. As I sat there and watched, I had the sensation of oh, I remember this stuff. I wished I could explain to my family it ok, no one loses in the end. At this time another man was standing at the door to my room. At first I though it was another doctor, except he was whereing an orange colored coat. He was tall, very broad shoulders and well built. He was just standing there smiling and looking at me. No other person was aknowledging me but him. That is when I noticed the silver ring above his head. It looked like the finest piece of machined metal I had ever seen, and it was in the shape of a halo. I could not stop staring at it. I instantly knew that I loved this person dearly, and had know this person for eternity. The halo dissapeared, and the man kind of laughed very caringly. He spoke and said that he added it so that I would understand what was going on. The man did everything in a loving yet humarous way. We began to speak to one another and everything else in the room, began to fade away. I didnt really notice it leave, it was just not there anymore, however we were still in the hospital. I had an overwhelming feeling of gratefullnees and love. Can not even begin to describe that feeling. I told him, not really sure if we spoke normally or not, that I couldnt believe that he and the other side, remebered to come and get me in this little hospital room in Birmingham, and that I was so thankful. Again he began to caringly laugh, and said micheal, not person or thing in all the universus are ever forsaken. And I knew instantly what he meant, everything is truley accounted for, I mean everything. He then told me that he had a question for me. That question was did I want to stay here, or come home. It was totally up to me with no consequence either way. I had been through enough and was able to leave. I immediately said lets go, Im out of here. It was strange, I knew how much I loved my wife and kids, as well as the rest of the family, but I also knew that they would be ok.

He again asked me if I was sure. At that point I started seeing images of my 12 year old daughter and 8 year old son, and could feel how this was going to affect them, especially my son who I do everything with. The images and feelings just kept playing over and over. The final thing I saw was my wife and parents driving back to Pensacola without me. I was above the vehicle on I 65, I know the exact spot of the highway. The feeling inside the car was almost unbearable. At that point he inquired again. I told him I could not leave my kids and would stay.

He again, caryingly laughed and told me not to be in such a rush. The other side would always be there for eternity. And that he would always be right by my side. The last thing I got to say was what was the point of all this. Why did we do this thing called life in the physical. He stated simply to experience and the only thing that mattered was how we treated one another. It was simple as that. And with that, I was back in my body, hurting like hell again.

Im not sure who that man was anymore, all I know is that I loved him with everything I had, and he loved me the same. I believe it is like that with every soul on the other side. For months afterward, once I had recovered, I walked around with a euphoric high. I wanted to tell everyone about what happened. This I quickly learned was not the best thing to do. It was amazing the people that I thought would most love to hear it, thought i was halucinating and didnt want to hear about it. Including the pastor at my methodist church. Some that I thought would really think I was crazy are constantly asking me about it anytime I see them. This is pretty much the reason I searched this site out.

I know that what happened was real, more real than this reality for sure. The feeling eventually faded. When I went back to UAB for my transplant, I went back to that room to try to recapture it, but to no evail. What happened plays in my head every day. It is my first and last thought with countless rehashings during the day. I cant wait till the day I return, however I have a new appreciation for what we are doing here. My only advice is to experience and love. Try to make even what you think is a bad experience a good one.

Thank you all for listening.

Much love.



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Dear Michael,

I hardly know what to say and even when words form it's difficult to see the screen through the tears and type them. Over the past several months I have read and heard numerous NDE reports and doing so has helped to radically transform (and in a very real way save) my life, but I don't think any one of them has affected me quite the way your precious description has. It touched something deep within, and comes almost like a gift to me from that blessed Realm that you were given such a beautiful glimpse of. Always remember that this experience, as important as it is to you, is maybe even more important to those who haven't had the veil parted for us as you have. Thank you for being faithful in sharing it, even when you faced rejection from some.

And much love too, Walt

Walt, thank you so much for those kind words. It is people like you and the others on this site that are a true blessing. I feel honored that my experience has in someway touched you. I have read many of your post and what it is you are doing with the dogs and the nursing home. Please keep that up. My grandmother went through that therapy prior to her death, and I can tell you it was wonderful. Dogs are truely angels. Keep up the good work my friend.

Thank you, Michael

Thank you Wade, I really do appreicate the kind words. I am right there with you with the regards of wanting to know. I am greatful for my experience to the infinite degree. I truly do not comprehend people not wanting to know about this. I believe its a gift from our loved ones on the other side to put that question to rest, but yet like I said, 50% of the people I know, want nothing to do with it. I think the world is coming around, however it is a slow process. Be good my friend, it people like yourself that will help put the world at peace.

Thank You, Michael

Michael, thanks for sharing this beautiful story. Somehow I missed it when you first posted it. I thank Walt for bringing it to my attention. Several things lept out at me about your story -- the halo, the humor of the man who came to you (that's one quality of God/Jesus/Spirit that deserves more recognition), that everyone and everything is accounted for and no one is forsaken, that there is no need to be in a rush to leave, and the comment that the only thing that mattered was how we treat one another. A lot of wisdom packed in a short story!

Michael, you mentioned "I'm not sure who that man was ANYMORE". Was there a time when you thought you knew who he was? I'm assuming he may have been Jesus, or perhaps an angel? Maybe a relative? What are your thoughts on this?

P.S. I have to admit that I am also perplexed that EVERYONE is not interested in these kind of experiences. Of course, more and more people are getting interested, which is wonderful and hopeful, but I notice that a lot of my readers and a lot of the folks I interact with on other, more generic social networks, have little to say about these kind of subjects. Since NDEs (and related experiences) may contain important answers to life's biggest questions in a way that other, less direct avenues do not, it seems to me that the whole world should be taking notice. I suspect the problem is that it takes a certain level of development before we can wade into these deep waters -- and most human beings are simply not there yet...

Wade, you're funny. And I do think you are deep, although you are being very create to pull a quote to that effect out of what I wrote...

Hello David, what i was trying to express was that during the experience I knew that I had known this person forever and in a very close way. It was more of a I remember you now. When I say i dont remember anymore, its not having that direct connection that you get in the experience. Im not sure that makes it any clearer, the other side is really hard to explain. Its as if everything is emotion. Im certain it was not Jesus (that would have been great) event though the being that did show up sure loved like what I imagine Jesus would. It was also no relative that I know of. I am assuming a guardian. As for the humor aspect, I think it was the most endearing part of the hole experience. I am  most greatful for that aspect. The other side is full of it and its very gentle. I like to remind myself that it was God that created humor, so she must be the funniest of us all. I think religion makes the other side out to be a lot more serious than it is.

As for people not wanting to know every aspect of this, i think it has a lot to do with just plain fear. I believe that people feel if they think outside of what they were taught all there lives by others, they may end up making a mistake. For the true non believers, i think it is a fear of redicule.

Thank you for youre intrest and kind words David, and also thank you for this great site. It is a blessing.

Much peace, Michael

Wade, I think you put that perfectly, It was an old friend feeling and I do believe we do this many times in all kinds of different situations. I do not think in the slightest that your statement is way out on a limb. I think it is an excellent observation.

Thank you, Mike


Thank you for sharing your story, I enjoyed it very much.

Much Love,


Thank you Paulette, I appreciate the kind words. Everyone on this site is so wonderful.

Much Love to You and Yours


Beautiful. Thank you very much for sharing!


Michael, wow.  I love the way in which you lay out your experience and your interaction within it.  I love your use of the word "home" and that you've "been through enough."  I have similar feelings some times.  I identify with your feelings of being overlooked and forgotten or forsaken.  I've always identified with the down-and-out and think I'm a part of them.  Thank you so much for sharing the man's laughing and caring response that no one is forsaken.  In this physical life, so many are forgotten and forsaken.  I love the way you matter-of-factly say to the man, "Let's go.  I'm outta here!"  I discern that you are a very down-to-earth human being and, for that reason, you attract many other human beings to yourself.  I hope your family understands just how fortunate they are to have you as a spouse, a father, a son, an uncle, a cousin, a nephew, a friend, and on-and-on.  I wish that we lived closer-by and that we could be friends and could visit, face-to-face, on a regular basis.  I'd love that! 

I feel the love that you have for all people.  I want to return that love from me to you. 

Sincerely,  John


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