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Hi everyone!

I'm looking for an editor, one that is passionate and open with NDE's, who can edit without deleting the contents depth and going beyond just a perfect dialog from a perfect "textbook" work. Not to say there's no need for correction, which there is, but there's also messages that are meant to not be correct with a school's image of the perfectly written document. I also don't want to have to correct the editor with lengthy corrections, which has happened :|

Thanks! Annie

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Do you think that such an editor exists?  Unfortunately, I don't think anyone could find such an editor. 

You might send a message to Barbara Whitfield.  She's given me some very good info as to how to publish. 

Good luck! 

thanks John, that's been my experience too. Just don't know where to look! 

Barbara, could you repeat for Annie what you messaged me regarding publishers and editors? 

thanks for your extra help. Might just need a high friend in places, eh? 0:D 

Thank you! It is good to know I am not alone here!

oh, you are welcome. No, you are not alone. We are holding the light for the transition from the dense heavy energy into a substantial life for everyone. Some see this experience (and people who hold the light) as a threat, reason why they stick to what's is comfortable for them. However, if they don't go with the flow, and accept what has been taught is false, they're in for a rough ride. 

Glad to know you are also awake! 

Hi Annie,

I'm a pretty good editor, as well as an NDEr and author. Would be happy to help.

Diane Goble (dianegoble@mac.com)


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