How to Promote Your Wordpress Posts on Twitter Facebook Instagram

reelagram.comCooler one in this tutorial will show you how to promote your posts from wordpress to 3 different social media sites up Twitter Facebook and Instagram. You can always buy Instagram followers on services for fast delivery, high quality websites and cheap prices! But, the first woman show you is Twitter, because I think it's the easiest of what you'll see that I'm hearing log into wordpress. I've got my title my specs and some I'm over here on the right you'll notice words as published there is a little options as publicized and from there you can click on a show I'm not connected, but I'm gonna go ahead and click on Twitter first to show you how to promote to Twitter directly from wordpress. Click on Twitter and from there of all have to authorize a login.

School of journalism and mass comments account here so that I can connect other ball locos that I use from the wordpress account and connected to the Twitter account you may want to use your own personal Twitter account actually I recommend that you do. It's gonna ask if you have multiple authors which I'm assuming you don't own you might want to give them access to this on social media account. I mean you had not do that. You can see that my Twitter account is connected to wordpress blog.

I can go ahead and edit my posts and before I publish it. I can go ahead and now you'll see that it's not publicize to Twitter and it gives the profile it's gonna publicized to go ahead and close. Click at it and I'm gonna go check this box to make sure that it publicize that media.

You see that it's going to automatically put in the title of my blog posts on and then you'll see that I've added. You can do this to us customize your message because it's gonna be set right to Twitter you don't really wanna just shovel it right from were pressed to Twitter. For example, this blog post was written by on Ashlyn destroys she's a grad student now she teaches here at Texas state which she wrote this I want to give her credit, I wanna give a shout out on Twitter about it. I'm also gonna be adding different hashtags like be a bobcat Texas heat and any other community oriented hashtags I might want to add to see that it's also got a countdown clicker of the number of other characters that I can use in this post. When I check this box and press updater would need you when you press publish you'll see that on when it publishes. It will not only published the post to your blog but it will also automatically posted to Twitter.

Wordpress to Twitter and it's got the link it's got my hash tags and I recommend using these hashtags as early as possible within your title. That when it sends on it doesn't cut off you can see that some of this got cut off. From their own that's really how you automatically send something to Twitter. You can also manually do it by if you're going to the actual this is my blog. Bone once you've posted to your blog you'll see that every single blog post title has is basically a lake. I could also take that and copy it and then logged into Twitter. I could go ahead and write out what we from there and say check out.

Blog pose and then paste it in there and then use my hashtags. And whatever else you might want to use if you want to do it manually so you can either do it automatically through wordpress or you can copy and paste the URL of the post and then put it within a tweet and then pressed sweet. That's one way that you can promote it is using arm Twitter another way to do it is through Facebook it's a little bit more complicated go through Facebook, but if you want to take your posts and promoted on up he needs or a group or even your own profile and post those things Facebook all you would do that arm. We're gonna have to do first is logged into Facebook on the show you just how to post to your own particular Facebook group if you want to maybe create a group or community of what you would do is go to pages or groups and you would just go ahead and click on create a page. Or create a group and you have to make sure that those pages and groups are public if they're not public and we cannot find them and you'll see that. If I want to actually create a my own group you can do that here and again you have to make sure that it is public and there's an option to do that as you go through this process. So, aren't you can create your own group and you can also if you're part of a group already as you can see them listed on any pages or groups that you're not ministration Ron you can directly posts through Wordpress. You'll see that over here on the page you can not only connected to Twitter, but you can also click on Facebook and connected to Facebook. And when it connects on again you have to be logged into Facebook and if you're not it'll prompt you to log into Facebook and now you can see that I am connected as website Kccatl.

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  • Ends from their own I can automatically publicize every post to that particular group that I created the international students at Texas state or any of the school of journalism and mass real comments if I wanted to connect to that page I'm as long as you're an administrator you can directly connect to a particular page. And so let's go ahead and say yeah I want to connect these close to the school of journalism. Go ahead and press OK and now it has connected every single post when I click that publicized but it'll send it right to. Facebook as well so let me go back to their homes. And I will click on that original post.

Saying publicized to Facebook and Twitter. I can go ahead and click edit and then you obviously have to choose which ones of those who want to whether it's one or the other armed and again you can add that custom message and press update. It will send it to that particular page that you had connected that with wordpress now against similar sweater if you wanted to take that host. Remember this original big long link that I found on my own on my blog this likes to the direct post I could also copy that and then I will work to I'll go to maybe if I was on going to the exchange the study abroad up he needs that was created by those people. I wrote he'd blog posts about it and I wanted to join the group and posted there you can definitely do that. Make sure that group is public on same thing you see that I search for on study abroad. There are lots of groups and organizations. That are already out there that you may want to jump on it and just promote your blog to jump into that community and see what people think. That would be a great way to get the word out there and to promote your blog on those pages. For example, if I just search for study abroad within Facebook here's a group higher study abroad is that's where I wanted to post this I go ahead and copy it and paste it right in there and just tell them what you thought about this trip to London or Paris. Another thing that you can do it, because your own particular page all and just posted right on your actual Facebook page. Go ahead and copy it paste it right in there and promoted and just promote the great work that you're doing.

The best ways for promotion on YouTube or Facebook where I bought  youtube viewsThose are some ways that you might wanna use Facebook again when you put them the plug because something spoken promoted on you are going to want his hashtags end up you know right up a little blurb about it, but on you're gonna want to make sure that every forum that you post to his public whether it's Facebook on its Twitter or YouTube. Now another way that you can buy YouTube views and promote your video is through YouTube service. When you are logged into YouTube I recommend you do on your YouTube profile. Is that you actually are when I click edit profile I would recommend putting your video in that weather option so that you added in your actual downward And the reason is if you provide a link within a an YouTube post on its not clickable the only place that link is clickable is in your profile so in each of your posts you're going to have to say Hey I'll go back to my bio to how to find a link to the actual post. If I was going to YouTube really great video of students are on their trip would go ahead and post that on there and again I would recommend if you're gonna use on YouTube to promote your blog that you make sure that your images are high quality that on your blog lends itself to being something visual and that you can com. Pretty easily connect with people that are outside of your area of employment so you'll see that I've written up some information here you know study abroad students and staff and join their visit I've added some hashtags I've added a room thank you also have a location attack people and do whatever you want to know one more thing about one adheres is say something like check out.

Up my profile For Link To my later this Blog post. That way when somebody sees your Instagram posts they will also be able to read your blog because that's the point of to get them to go back to your blog and then they will see that. In your profile so those are just some ways that you might want to promote your blog. There are lots of other ways to promote your blog. You can use obviously anything else that's listed with Mandy publicize like Dan or Tumblr path or if you wanna use credit or whatever else you might want to post this to just make sure that it is a public forum. That of whatever you are posting this blog too. I can be found by us. That we can make sure that you did it.